In most unmanned systems, the sensor payload is the critical component; the vehicle is merely the platform to deliver the sensor to its point of use. It is therefore critical to ensure the sensor will meet the mission criteria and that the user will be able to use it to its full capacity.

DivinsTech’s SensorSim software provides a common framework to simulate gimbaled electro-optical and infra-red sensors used in unmanned systems, as well as a generic way to connect a variety of image generators that provide the simulated visual scenery.

Real EO payload image (left) and simulated EO payload image (right)

Real EO payload image (left) and simulated EO payload image (right)

A user can develop an accurate representation of payload system behaviors and visuals for training, engineering, design, integration and performance analysis.

This technology is in use currently in many training systems, but has not been packaged and commercialized in this manner.

Our product line provides options for Runtime only tunable models or fully customizable models via a Developer’s Kit. Further capabilities will be added via “feature pack” add-on software modules.

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